“How Can I Fail Today?”

That may seem a defeatist way to think, but it actually spurs me to action.

I’ve never succeeded. At anything. I could either let that fact paralyze me; make me think “What’s the point of even trying?” and just stay in bed (I was there 20 years ago for a few months– don’t want to do that again), or I can let it motivate me to try something else. Recently I decided to embrace the second way with enthusiasm.

Every day I get up and ask myself what I can fail at today, and then I do something. Something I assume will fail. But at least I’ve done something.

Maybe I also learned from it– learned what doesn’t work– but I’ve learned. And maybe, someday, one of those somethings will fail to fail.

This keeps me trying new things. It gives me boldness to not worry that it will fail– I assume it will. This is freedom. The more failures I can accumulate, the more chance something will eventually succeed. No matter what facet of life I’m dabbling in. If not, maybe I can be the champion of failing. Is there an award for that?

Even if everything continues to fail, at least I didn’t just lie in a corner and rot. I stayed busy. Kept trying. That’s got to count for something, right?

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