Plain Old Free Market Capitalism and its Parodies

“Sustainable capitalism” means imposed stagnation, the elimination of creative destruction, and permanent Keynesian feudalism. “Inclusive capitalism” means degrading paternalism, ideological intimidation, and the demand for strict collaboration with one’s self-proclaimed political overlords. “Stakeholder capitalism” means the suppression of entrepreneurial independence and permanent regime uncertainty for businesspeople who abhor cronyism.

Whenever you hear someone advocating for any of the above, not for plain old free market capitalism, know that you are dealing with a stale totalitarian parading in supposedly new clothes (which are actually equally stale). Know thy enemy, especially as he is getting smugly emboldened (or flagrantly desperate). Capitalism has been destroyed, poisoned, crippled, and infiltrated too many times to tolerate such shenanigans any more.

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“You are what you value. I value: individual liberty, economic common sense, logical rigour, clarity of thought, intellectual integrity and quiet charity.”

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