Heedless Speed

Nobody asked but …

As the Congress declares a radically accelerated time frame for passage of “tax reform,” my suspicion of their hurry grows.  Is the objective of more knowledge served by a breakneck pace?  Congress is never in favor of going slow when it has much to hide from logical requests for more information, from calm deliberation.  This tax proposal track is BS.

Tax reductions that favor the upper end of the wealth spectrum are in favor of aristocracy.  Tax reductions that favor the middle class lead to mobocracy.  Any tax reduction plan without downsizing government commensurately is plutocracy.

I wrote last week that the current thinking on the proposal, even if it might (snowball’s chance in hell) help the middle class, essentially amounts to an extra fastfood serving of fries per day.  Any tax proposal that does other than signal an end to the theft which is taxation, and the bureaucracy that thrives on that theft, is cosmetic — and when I say cosmetic I am thinking of lipstick on a pig.

— Kilgore Forelle

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