Government and Voluntaryism

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If we decide that Government of an appropriate size and Voluntaryism are both economic goods, how shall we proceed to construct non-corrupted versions of each?  With any two people government and voluntary agreement are one, because any departure would be a corruption — any instance of a disagreement converted to an enforced rule, or of the agreement being skirted through fraud.  The only good rules that could exist would be those discovered through true agreement.  The agreement and the rule are one and the same.  When we go beyond a voluntary agreement between individuals, we can move to voluntaryist association or, to the only other possibility, mandated collectivism.  Democracies and republics fall in the latter category — never in the former.  It is my claim that only government that replicates a voluntary agreement can be considered voluntary.  There can be no appropriate size of government beyond that of a two-party voluntary agreement.  Any government not consented to directly by each individual involved cannot be considered a good — it is a detriment to a good.


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