Going the Way of MySpace

It’s the 21st century and technology is lagging behind the times. Why? People. There are inventors and innovators who are wanting to put new tech in your hands. But people are stuck in the mindset we still need government to regulate the marketplace and we still need other centralized power.

Take the tech you’re using right now – social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit are behind the times. People don’t want products shoved in their faces or domineering policing policies. Ads and bans are way too common on social media today. There are options.

Instead of Facebook, try Minds or Mewe; instead of Twitter, try Mastadon; instead of Youtube, try Dtube and Peertube; and instead of Reddit, try Steemit. Mastadon is user-friendly and can introduce you to the future of decentralized networks. Minds and Steemit are user-friendly and can introduce you to the brave new world of crypto-currency.

If you’re tired of the ads and bans, try something new. Facebook is going the way of Myspace. But beware, a new platform is still capable of going the same way, so stay vigilant. If a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Reddit alternative abuses you the same way as the current giants, leave it. Which new platform will you try in 2019?

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