Sealed Borders Are Not Gated Communities

“A sealed border is like a gated community” if and only if that gated community were a fortress owned by an autocratic tyrant.

In the world in which we actually live, one may enter most gated communities if invited by ONE resident. I’ve been to parties which were hosted in gated communities. Say to the guard “I am here for X’s party,” and you are admitted.

Try that at the border: “I am here because I accepted a job offer from X.” or “I have agreed to marry Y” or “I have an arrangement to rent from Z.” The decision has been taken from you and X,Y, Z who would very much like to have you, and handed to some bureaucrats.

I keep getting variations of the same response: “so it’s OK if I come into your house and eat your food?”

Well, yes, if you were invited. Re-read the 2nd paragraph. It is not a crime to enter my home if I (or one of my co-residents) have invited you. So-called border controls, as articulated by most border control freaks, do not allow invited and welcome guests to enter my home, if those people happen to live on the other side of an imaginary line called a “border,” which has nothing to do with the border to my own property.

That political border is not an extension of private property rights, but an abrogation of private rights.

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