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The only thing, which family farms have grown successfully in the past 80 years, has been government.  And why are we still stuck in the paradigm that FDR and Henry Wallace initiated in 1933?  No government has so badly used individual farmers since the Roman Empire decided that only farmers could be soldiers.  In Rome the farming class was second only to the ruling class in stature, but the ruling class decided to subordinate its farming class to widespread war.  Now all the farmers were off fighting wars, and who was tending the farms?  Whenever one class wishes to subordinate another class, the ruling class will spread the productive class too thin.  This is also what Roosevelt and Wallace did.  Through war and social engineering and central planning, they gave away the family farm to agribusiness.  If doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results is a sign of madness, we have been crazy for 80 years.  The socialist, paternalist paradigm has not changed in 8 decades.  And where are the successes that would convince us to persevere in such an obsessive, irrational way?


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