Encourage Ideas

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First of all, encourage yourself to have ideas.  If you have 1 idea a day, at the end of a year you will have had 365 ideas.  What are the probabilities that none of those ideas are worthwhile?  What are the probabilities that self-ordering will not restrict those bad ideas from happening.  Skyler recently reported, in the EVC podcast, that he had an idea, which he referred to Connor Boyack, of the Libertas Institute, through whose auspices a most voluntaryist law, HB 248, was enacted for the State of Utah.  The law allows community service in lieu of fines for certain classes of transgressions.

I generally disfavor legislative action, as it nearly always takes the form of coercion, but this is a happy exception which allows people to escape confiscatory actions of the state.  I will likely ask the Kentucky Legislature to take a look at passage of a similar idea.

Beware of the anti-intellectual idea that ideas should be squelched.  Yes, bad people as well as good people are having ideas all the time.  But ideas need to be exposed to fresh air so that we can tell good ideas from bad ideas, regardless of source.  Thank your lucky stars for Twitter, and the like, so we can tell what people are thinking.  If we have someone who is so powerful that even his bad ideas come to fruition, we need to strengthen our checks and balances.

— Kilgore Forelle

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