Indignation does not help.  We cannot easily change the underlying landscape for every atrocity that happens in a territory.  There is a nearly impossible gauntlet to run before anything gets changed.  Last week, I attended a presentation on the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States.  This was 1 installment, which mostly dealt with the Second Amendment.  Earlier this month, I was decrying that with current offshoring practices the economic world was being shaped by an oligarchy.  It appears that the same is the case with process.  The oligarchs will only let the rest of us do what they, the oligarchs, want done. The dog is being wagged by a mite on the flea on the tail.  And there are billions of dogs with billion billions of fleas and mites.

H. L. Mencken wrote, ” … there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.”

It does no good to determine where the fault lies.  Even if you can find the one elite who sets a million mites to work on a billion fleas who will infest a trillion dog’s tails, there is another elite starting a similar chain of chains of chains, a nanosecond before and a nanosecond after.  It is better to forget the elites, to focus on your own responsibilities within your own theater of events.  One needs to deal with one’s own dogs, fleas, and mites.  One needs to deal with the only eliteness that you can handle, your own unique set of circumstances.

In today’s lecture room there were many people who demanded to know when shooting massacres were going to end.  Since these demands were registered in a room where the Constitution was being discussed, we must assume that the complainants believed that the answer lay within the four corners of the Constitution.  Yes, you can attempt to correct any flaw in the Constitution by changing the instrument itself.  But think about it … do we really want any statist group to hold a convention wherein the Constitution gets a tinkering?  What if they fix the Second Amendment (if we could agree on what “fix” might mean), what would stop them from moving on to the Fourth Amendment to repeal it.

OK, let’s admit that we have mixed emotions about taking the Constitutional Convention genie out of its bottle.  So now we go to the Supreme Court.  SCOTUS is the very model of reasonable, objective, neat, and plausible — not.  Any product of SCOTUS’ deliberations bears a resemblance to an aardvark from a subcommittee given a camel as a pattern by another committee assigned the task of designing a horse.  SCOTUS has spent a hundred years dancing around the idea that the “well regulated Militia” clause denotes any demands on the “shall not be infringed” clause.  It says here that the militia clause is meaningless window dressing.

Next!  We can try to get this problem solved by banning things through legislation delivered from Congress.  Constitutionality be damned.  Isn’t it COTUS’ sacred duty to give us anything it takes to make our little hearts go pitty-pat?  Lots of luck.  Congress couldn’t pass a stone in the largest bladder ward of the largest hospital in the world.  They can’t even do something for the tantrum thrower we call POTUS.

So what about POTUS?  Can he just issue an Executive Order making all guns go away?  Well, he can, but the EO will not eliminate the guns.  Only the people who believe in executive orders will turn in their guns.

So let’s take it to imaginary deities in prayer, and abra-cadabra, all the guns except those held by cops, robbers, soldiers, citizens of countries less self-despising, and enemy soldiers will disappear.  This will leave only knives, poison, arrows, snakebite, trucks, cars, hatchets, swords, garottes, hangman’s nooses, electricity, suffocating, pressure cookers, and drowning still to be controlled.


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Verbal is a software engineer, college professor, corporate information officer, life long student, farmer, libertarian, literarian, student of computer science and self-ordering phenomena, pre-TSA world traveler, domestic traveler.

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