Don’t You Know What Socialism Is? II

Nobody asked but …

Earlier today I posted the above graphic in the Facebook group, Another 2000+ Libertarian Quotes.*  On reflection, I could have taken the word, “legislative,” out.

A friend took issue with this, writing that I should have struck at the root by stating that “aggression based” actions were the real culprit.  I certainly agree that socialized aggression is the culprit, and I responded that I felt “socialist” carried an emotional weight that would move millions, as compared to that of “aggression based” which may move thousands.

People, in the main, seem to want aggression — when you consider the volume of soldier and constabulary worship afield.  On the other hand, the typical jingo does not want socialism, whatever he or she may mistakenly interpret that to be.  Ironically, the Person in the Streets (PITS) loves to take government handouts, such as roads, schools, bailouts, and lots of other subsidies.  Just call this largesse socialism, however, and PITS starts to shrivel like bacon on high flame.

My point, with the meme, is that government is nothing more than central socialist planning, hardly removed from Medieval times when emperors claimed to give favors for stealing hoi polloi blind.  And partisanship is an illusion.

— Kilgore Forelle

* note — this FB group is based on a continuation of the spirit of Harry Browne‘s book, 2000+ Libertarian Quotes.

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