Don’t You Know What Socialism Is?

Nobody asked but …

There’s a reason why socialism is not revealed for what it is in the prevailing, mandatory, government-run schooling system.  Mandatory, government-run schooling systems are socialism of the highest order.  Economists may insist on a strict definition saying that socialism is where the state controls the means of production.  I would respond, what could be more of a means of production than the labor force, 99% of which comes from public schools in modern, industrial states?

China and India have populations greater than a billion.  There is a chance they have larger public school systems than the USA.  But even if they do, the USA still operates a socialistic system in the top 3 in the world (the Pentagon probably is the 4th largest).  Why don’t we just go by the USSA?

— Kilgore Forelle

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