Most “Criminals” are Better Than Those Who Oppose Them

From time to time I browse the local sheriff report in the paper. I go down the list repeating “fake- fake- fake- maybe real- fake…” as I read the “charges” brought against those victims of the local badge-scum molestations.

Almost all the “laws” enforced by the local Blue Line Gang are “crimes” in the same way it was a crime to be a run-away slave.

Or to be a Jew in Nazi Germany.

Or to possess a Bible in the Soviet Union (assuming the stories I heard in church were true).

They are “crimes” in the same way it is a “crime” to shoot someone in the act of raping your daughter in a location which criminalizes self defense or the proper tools with which to carry it out.

Or, to plant a garden in your front yard. Or to feed the homeless. Or to cross an imaginary line onto property which has no owner, seeking a better life. Or to grow, sell, or use Cannabis.

If your only “victim” is the State or society, you have committed no crime.

If you commit acts of enforcement against people whose acts had no individual victim, you are the bad guy.

Violating prohibition, with plants, chemicals, or objects, isn’t wrong. Refusing to allow yourself to be molested by a bully isn’t wrong. Failing to carry “papers” so that the bully gang can identify you is not wrong.

But thugs will kill you if you do things you have every right to do, but which they believe they have “authority” to forbid. Or if you refuse to do what they demand. They are the worst of the bad guys. Bar none.

Most “laws” these days are imposing one form of prohibition or another.

Good people don’t support or enforce prohibition. But slimy scum does- enthusiastically.

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