Consider Stocking Up For Election

Stocking up on food and supplies before the worst part of the forced shutdowns could turn out to have been good practice for what may be coming after the presidential election.

Especially considering the new vacancy on the Supreme Court.

This development is just another piece in the colorful puzzle called 2020, and will probably make uncivil unrest more likely than before. This vacancy shouldn’t come as a great shock to anyone.

The shoe has been waiting to drop for years. People have had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Why didn’t they?

Whatever the reasons, this latest turn of events doesn’t bode well for social harmony.

If the more aggressive factions among us are upset over the outcome of the election and express their unhappiness in their favorite ways, the supply chain may be disrupted again. Possibly even more than it was before. Are you ready for empty store shelves again?

You’re probably in better shape to ride out any new shortages thanks to the pandemic. Now, also focus on the possibility of social turmoil if the riotous crowd doesn’t get the election result it wants.

Those who loot and burn businesses belonging to people who might have been on their side otherwise haven’t shown much capacity for considering the costs of their actions. I don’t imagine they’ll suddenly get smarter. They’ll starve themselves, and you, to show you just how angry they are if they don’t get their way.

I don’t expect violence to break out locally, but as you probably notice if you’ve seen our hazy skies recently, things that happen far away can affect us. Be ready just in case.

Stock up on the things you wished you had bought before the last shortages. Don’t forget water. Make sure you have enough to ride out at least the time between the election and the inauguration. More would be better. Encourage your friends to do the same.

I’m not saying it will happen; just that it’s a possibility and I can see how the election along with the Supreme Court vacancy could trigger it.

Maybe nothing big will happen and in a few months we can all laugh about how wrong and paranoid I was. We can hope. Don’t bet your life on it, though; I’m not going to. I would rather take the risk of being a laughingstock than to see you caught off-guard by rough circumstances. Consider it my sacrifice for your sake.

You’re welcome.

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