Clown Car Parking Zone

Nobody asked but …

The zone is the zone of politics.  From the over abundance of vehicles parked there we get endless streams of politicians, presidents, prime ministers, faux problems, and chickenshit non-solutions.

I am amazed that the statist world continues to think that “leaders” are the ticket. Haven’t we had enough of the Caligulas and Neros?  Don’t we see that royalty is all Henry XIII and Vlad the Impaler?  Don’t we recognize that the masters of war have us so numbed that “war presidents” are the bees knees — see Lincoln, TR and FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, George Dubya Bush, William Jefferson Clinton (lotsa “little” wars disguised under euphemisms), Trump, Robinette?  How can we trust our governance to these outright charlatans?  Repeatedly?  These are people who generate the gaffe of the day and the walk back du jour.  Case in point, Joe Robinette Biden announced White House interest in some new “gun control” measures that would not stop cap pistols.  This should have ticked off members of any and all factions.  Decades after the coining of the term “assault rifle,” we still haven’t defined the term, and now we seek to put serial numbers on 3D printed guns.  These measures are impossible to implement effectively.  But that’s what the politicos want — that which seems doable and may seem done, while being neither.

I am further reminded of an idea conceived by Fred Allen.  Fred defined a vice president* as someone who found a molehill on the desk every morning, and had all day to turn it into a mountain.

— Kilgore Forelle

* Fred specified a VP of a broadcasting concern, I think in terms of politicians at any level.


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