Climate Change

Nobody asked but …

The malady of the modern day is to have the wrong argument about a pertinent question.  A complication of that malady is the spreading of the wrong information about the premises.

Do we really want the same governments, that have foisted the Kavanaugh hearings upon us or have cast an entire country adrift on Brexit, to be addressing climate change, whatever it may be?  Do we want people like NK’s Kim or Israel’s Netanyahu pulling levers on these unforeseen consequences?

I will not deny for a second that human beings have an effect on our environment.  Examine any environment that you wish, but I will defy you to come up with any that are unaffected by their flora and fauna.  See?  It’s the wrong argument.  There is no question that one’s smallest perturbation does not ripple outward, and interact, constructively or destructively, with all the other ripples.  The thing is that some believe that there is something we can do about it.  Nature is built so that every lifeform fouls its own nest.  Gather all the data you wish, the findings will not be otherwise.

But take heart.  Homo sapiens has been muddling through for about 200 millennia — hot or cold.  The planet, Earth, has been wobbling its way to equilibrium for 4.543 billion years, according to scientists.  Let us hope that it never stalls out at equilibrium, for that would likely be stagnation.

— Kilgore Forelle

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