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It has been a long time, but as usual I enjoyed Cincinnati tremendously.  Cincinnati was one of my influences in my youth.  It was the largest city within reach of my Kentucky home, and it, along with Boston, was among my two favorite European-style American cities.  When I graduated from college, I began my professional career in the Queen City.  This, the home of the Tafts, is where I learned standing on my own, responsibility, freedom, individualism, voluntaryism, and choice.  Cincinnati is a great town for these qualities.  I follow with a Chōku (a Japanese verse form that starts with a Haiku, but continues with an indeterminate number of pairs of 7-syllable lines) dedicated to Cincinnati:

Cincinnati Weekend

Cincinnati pig
Porkopolis, Ohio
Eden Park, the Reds
Krohn Conservatory, the
heights of Mt. Adams, Skyline,
the buildings and the Chili
Union Station, Music Hall
Salmon P. Chase, William Taft
Zoo, Botanical Gardens
Moerlein India Pale
The seven hills, named for Rome,
I studied spontaneous
organization UC,
United Dairy Farmers
The Newport Aquarium
Architecture Cinci-style
Residence Inn, Lytle Park.

— Kilgore Forelle

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