Chaotic Order

I’ve already mentioned that too much chaos AND too much order are both deadly. But here’s another observation: too much order– specifically too much government (which I consider to be any external governance at all)– becomes deadly because it creates too much chaos for individuals.

When you have too much government, your normal actions stop having normal consequences. This is what chaos is. You can’t really know what to expect, and can’t usually avoid the random consequences even if you know they are possible. You can be murdered for doing normal, non-evil things that humans have always done.

Things like carrying a weapon, crossing a street, using medications, hiding money from thieves, fighting back and killing your attacker, and various other normal acts.

Normal life becomes complicated and difficult to get through due to the “rules” which impose the order. This is stressful and causes individual chaos.

The order in too much order is only on the surface. The underlying chaos this “order” creates runs deep. If you support government, you support deadly chaos rather than the productive kind. You are the one promoting chaos and ruin. Regardless of your mindless protests to the contrary.

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