Nobody asked but …

Yesterday, Skyler wrote about power struggles and today I picked up on the continuing story of Scotland’s upcoming vote on whether to be independent of the UK.  I would be so happy if they were to make this break toward freedom, and to continue the dissolution of the British empire.  I am an American, and I am an Irishman, so there is no mystery about my empathy for the remaining subjects of the crown.  But as I read about the white paper in which the current subordinate government seeks to become the new independent government, I’m wondering why a state has to be involved at all.  What would William Wallace do?  The existing government was quoted as saying something like, independence is not an end unto itself!  WRONG!  It is so typical of statists to think in terms of process, not in terms of results.  Independence from the monarchy is only step 1; it must be seen through to independence from statism, else they may come to where the USA is, nearly a quarter millenium beyond where we made our break but immediately lost the way.


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