Nobody asked but …

Why don’t we need to regulate by legislation the motions, behavior, and phenomena of planets, moons, sun, stars?  Why don’t we demand in writing the compliance and consistent reliability of geology, climate, tides, non-human sounds, and spectra of light?  It is, perhaps, because we cannot control everything.  Maybe we have our hands full just controlling human beings.  Demanding abstractions like loyalty and obedience from children, both juvenile and adult, is a perpetual job — with very, very poor outcomes.  Are we obsessive about intervening in the affairs of people and animals because we can’t control much else?  This just in — we don’t seem to be able to control our intervention either.  99.999999999999999 … percent of the universe is beyond human intervention, including human nature.  What one does voluntarily is as it should be.  There are no user serviceable parts inside the case.


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