Promises of Politicians Impossible

Politicians are always promising to do things politicians can’t do. Either they believe they are magic, or they want you to believe they are.

Sometimes they promise things they can’t legally do — things that violate the Constitution — and other times they promise to do things that aren’t possible within the laws of physics in our universe. Do they believe you are gullible enough to fall for it? Probably.

Often they promise to violate economic reality, which is nearly as immutable as the laws of physics.

I’ve seen them promise to cap medication prices. I saw one suggestion that the cap for the price of insulin should be $0. Who did she think would continue to make insulin for free? Who would they enslave to do the work without being paid? Who will they steal the raw ingredients and facility from?

Did she mean everyone except the person getting the insulin will be forced to pay for it? This is usually what politicians mean by “free.”

Economic ignorance is common in politicians, but it’s not the only domain where they fail.

They are never good with scientific reality, as shown by “Save the planet,” “Save the climate,” and “End fossil fuels.”

The Constitution is a frequent target of their delusions of power. Regardless of what the Constitution allows or forbids, they promise to secure the border.

With zero understanding of human nature, they believe legislation and cruel enforcement can end drug abuse.

They promise to ban an imaginary category of firearms: the “assault weapon.” A name they made up so they could put anything they don’t like into the meaningless category. It’s still a lie, and they’ve been corrected enough times to know it by now. If they banned everything they label an “assault weapon” it would increase crime in a very real way. Prohibition always does.

The promises they make never end. Fortunately for us, they rarely get fulfilled. To a politician with ambitions to rule, reality is inconvenient to their goals and gets ignored as much as possible. Politicians can choose to ignore reality, but reality won’t be cheated. The piper will be paid and gravity will pull them back down.

If you keep falling for political promises, you deserve what you get. My hope is that you’ll see through their lies and avoid the pain that comes from trying to cheat reality to get what you want. Magic isn’t real, and politicians are never Dumbledore.

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