You Can Be The Parent Your Child Always Wanted

Written by Laura Markham for Aha! Parenting.

Kids like to get their way. But there’s something every child wants even more: Someone who loves you, no matter what. Someone who doesn’t yell when you make mistakes. Who loves you even when you’re mad or whining, who listens and empathizes …even when you’re wrong, even when you were so upset you were rude, even when you hit your sister. Someone who loves you enough to overcome their own upsets to help you through yours. Someone who holds a vision of you as your best self, even when you can’t find that self.

Every child deserves that parent. Of course, we can’t always be that parent, because we’re only human. But if you’re wishing your ratio of good parenting moments was higher, or if you’re feeling stuck in a negative cycle, maybe it’s time to give yourself the support you deserve.
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