Words Poorly Used #56 — First Amendment

The First Amendment is being whipped from pillar to post again.  To be sure, there is a guy who, through posting four words on the Internet, is now mouldering away in our “justice” system, while John Yoo act-alikes contravene his First Amendment claim.  But that is not my major concern (not a minor one either).  Doesn’t the NewYork Times understand that it has lost all credibility … FOREVER!  Yes, they have freedom of the press, but that doesn’t suspend the cry-wolf syndrome.  In calling for prosecution of government operatives over the Torture Report, the NYT has pretty much guaranteed that it will not happen.  I would so much have preferred that the calls for prosecution had come from a quarter where there were no accessories before, after, and during the fact.  In assisting the oligarchy in selling the War on Terror, with lies, the Times enabled the very torture they now decry.  There is a thing called protest fatigue — it sets in when you are cranked up over and over, then frustrated time and again, until lassitude takes center stage.  Frankly, I am at my limit with the Times (all of them), the Post (all of them), and cable news (all of them).  What good is freedom of expression when lies constitute all of the hubbub?


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