Words Poorly Used #55 — Majority

The majority hardly ever carries the day.  Let’s take The USA’s torture program — there is a thing that should never exist but for an extremely small minority of government functionaries, in collusion, supported by a very small but vocal crowd of immediate gratification seekers in the populace.  The thing gets off the ground before any sort of majority even knows it is happening.  The only majority is of those who are ignorant of the facts.  Then there is a majority of those who cannot be convinced that action may be called for, which includes those who are incapable of evaluating factual information.  The specific minority of government functionaries does not ever stop what they are doing, they just go on the down low as long as it takes to keep from curtailing their fogbound activities.  How many of these are proceeding under the radar today?  It confounds the imagination.  Nothing the state does even remotely approaches knowing consent by a majority of Americans.


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