Words Poorly Used #42 — Interpretation II

As we noted with religious institutions, which are far more voluntary than state institutions, the power flows to those who write the book, choose the language for the book, and appoint the attendants of the book.  An even greater power flows to the oligarchy operating through the institution of the state, which is purportedly there to preserve the individual freedom and voluntaryism of its subjects. But not so.  We are all bound in a web of legislation (often nonsense), written regulations (beyond nonsense), and a historical accumulation of abuses of both by enforcers, lawyers, and judges.  These functionaries of the state see this nonsense as a grand opportunity to make things up as they go along, they interpret according to their arcane rules for interpretation.  The interpretation is slanted toward what is useful to the internal agenda of the functionaries.  It might be your interpretation that the state is doing as it should, but if the real intent of government were to preserve individual freedom and voluntaryism, don’t you imagine that their behavior would be different from what it is?


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