Words Poorly Used #110 — Integrity

It turns out that America’s agreements are not worth the paper on which they are written.  But that was something that native peoples could have told us a long time ago.  Integrity is just another weasel word.  As POTUS reneges on treaty after treaty, accord after accord, we Americans who thought we were citizens of an honorable nation are foiled again.  We now see that any position of integrity can be forsaken at the whim of minority-elected officials, who have sublimated their honor at the suggestions of lean and hungry Cassiuses.  In this particular case, I speak of neo-cons who have insinuated themselves into every Oval Office in living and recorded memory.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Don Duncan
5 years ago

Why did you qualify “officials” with “minoity-elected”? Would you be content with a majority ruler? Any common thug with a gun to my head has as much integrity as any authority. All rule is wrong. It is force based. It is not an appeal to reason, however concealed by argument. Argument is a distraction by implying reason is the basis of the political interaction. When argument is successfully refuted, it does not matter to the ruler. You may wonder, why present an argument in the first place? To imply reasonableness and the moral authority that goes with it. Do not… Read more »

Verbal Vol
5 years ago

All officials are minority-elected. For instance, the number of actual voters for DJT was essentially less than 1-in-5 of the members of the American population (~60 million votes divided by 300 million population). The gross number of voters (for all candidates) is rarely a majority of the population (I don’t even know of a case, do you?). Therefore, even though “minority-elected” is likely redundant. I used it here for the sake of accuracy. I don’t view any officials, minority-elected or not, as worthy of respect as a function of their office. For instance, in my view, the current scorecard on… Read more »