Which Came First?

Almost everyone I know personally follows the statist religion.

The vast majority of people I know personally also claim to be Christians.

I often wonder which religion came first to each individual.

Did their statism come first, to have Christianity added on top in an attempt to justify their inexcusable statism?

Or, were they first Christians who then misunderstood Christianity as a call to also follow the religion of statism?

Or, are the religions completely unrelated, with any overlap purely accidental?

It seems quite the task to hammer the round peg of either religion into the square hole of the other, but it also looks like most people are content with the messy results of the attempt.

I do know that when combined, the Christo-Statism which results is a deadly ideology. And very smug and self-important as well. You’ll never face a nastier statist than one who believes God wants him to force you under his State.

I can get along with anarchist Christians much more easily than I can get along with “atheist” statists (no such thing, really, since they are still worshipping a god– the god of the State).

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