When Feelings Aren’t Right

There are a lot of times when my feelings about something differ from what I know to be right. I admit it.

One instance where this happens is that I feel negative about a big influx of people from other countries and other cultures. Which is why I understand where the anti-“illegal immigrant” people are coming from.

But I know I have no right to prevent people from moving where they have a right to be. And, yes, everyone has a right to be on “public land” (unowned land) and on property where the owners give them permission to be. I don’t have a say in the matter.

And I know you can’t justify statism with statism. Or “borders” with the “welfare state”, for example. Socialism doesn’t justify intensified socialism.

I also know government “borders” are more likely to be used to hurt me than to protect me. It’s always the same with any government protection racket or any other socialist program.

That’s why, in spite of my feelings, I can’t join the anti-immigrant folks. Now, if you want to defend your private property from trespassers (of any sort), I’m on your side.

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2 years ago

Private vs Public always seems to be the ultimate test, does it not? A few years ago I had a similar conversation / debate with a colleague: … if all the land in the US was owned by private individuals (“justly acquired” property) then the border question would be moot. Trespass would be a cleanly defined crime malum in se under common-law. There would be no state or national border issue. The form of government (Republic v Democracy v Monarchy v Oligarchy, etc) is largely irrelevant if you focus on the common-law crime of Trespass. As long as “government” (1)… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Kent McManigal

Thanks, Kent, I had not followed your link when I read the essay earlier. I just discovered this site (and now your “Hooligan” blog). I’ve added feeds from both to my RSS reader. Too many feeds … must decide what to cull … :>) Consider me a “reformed libertarian”. Over the last two decades I’ve evolved from my min-archist roots to advocate only for common-law in defense of Rightful Liberty (Jefferson). You might enjoy my presentation “In Search of Mr Jefferson’s Liberty” … delivered at a retreat in the mountains on the border of NC and TN last September: http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/appalachian-network-patcon-hans-mentha/… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Hans

Just found and read your post “Real Liberty” (http://kentforliberty.com/liberty.html).

I believe we’re “on the same page”.