We Must Leave Royalism Behind

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Courtiers and trappings.  When the founders drafted the Constitution, they ignored the main evil — the king was not dead.  We are still in the European mindset that arose out of the Medieval Age and the dementia of Hobbes.  We have stocked our government with courtiers and eminences.  These people are still subject to manipulation by the darker forces lurking behind the curtains.  The ruling class they are called.  Even though the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch have adopted more modern uniforms, their will is carried out by a secret order dressed in medieval robes — the Judicial Branch and the military (the real fourth branch of the state).  Washington DC is barely distinguishable from the courts of Marie Antoinette and Henry VIII.  Every Spring, we recreate the pomp and circumstance, no less the regalia, approved at medieval institutions called universities.

We are still in the clutch of a royalist world.  Have you noticed lately, how many Disney characters are kings, queens, princesses, princes, knights, and warriors?

— Kilgore Forelle

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