Voluntaryism in the Workplace

Voluntaryism is the best and most productive management approach there is. Nothing can make you more additional revenue than applying voluntaryism in the work place. Employees produce far more when they are treated as mutual traders than when treated as feudal slaves or livestock. My favorite self-quote when employees ask me what to do: “I never tell anyone what to do.” “I can suggest or tell you what I might try by ultimately the end results are up to you.” When asked if they have to come to a meeting, my response is: “You don’t HAVE to do anything.” I treat all employees as independent contractors in my mind and think of the whole feudal idea of being so bound to any job as the opposite of free-market. Let us trade goods and services as equals and independent individuals despite silly titles. I do not like to surround myself with order-takers or subservient types as they can have only the lowest workplace value and produce the least amount of revenue. I do not need to dominate people; simply by making the employee schedule I control my half of the relationship.

Quote by Robert O’Maoilriain

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