Voluntary Polycentrism

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This may take some explaining. I am not an anarchist, but a voluntaryist polycentrist. I feel that people will group spontaneously to meet true needs, and that these groups, to be successful must remain limited to a focused objective — AND must remain voluntary — AND must disband when the need is fulfilled.  If, however, somebody gets the falsely appealing idea that we should have a generic government to which everyone is mandated to belong, wherein we are lured into one size fits all solutions (like global carbon tax).  The problem now becomes underlapping and disjunct interest groups — welfare and warfare are assigned to the same bureaucracy. The disjunct groups now begin to raid the treasury (segments that are earmarked for competing purposes).  Even fictions such as silos, lockboxes, and budgets do not stop the inter-interest raiding — it becomes an anarchic substructure of that which is ostensibly an archic structure, but anarchy for no useful purpose other than to sabotage government, in the long run.  Each warlord in the anarchic substructure begins to make up her own rules to suit the subagenda.  This comes to you from a 56+ year survivor/minion in these wars.

Kilgore Forelle

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