Two Comments to Ponder This Weekend

1. Intellectual Dark Web — Am I the only one that is not completely either in awe or outraged by “the intellectual dark web”?  I guess I tend to agree with them more than I disagree with them, but I really true find them to be a bunch of nice people discussing milk toast ideas.  None of them say anything that is in the least bit extreme.  I don’t mean this to be a negative review of them.  I enjoy them.  All of them.  I am just saying it’s sort of embarrassing for our society that these are the outrageous guys saying the things you can’t say.

2. People keep calling Trump the most unpredictable president — Am I the only one that completely disagrees with this?  He is a completely normal president.  He does illegal stuff, he kills innocent people, he has a horrible moral compass, he speaks with bluster, he takes away liberty of the people, he plays to his base, he is divisive, he believes he can decide what foreign countries do.  These are all common things of a president.  Essentially, as Scott Horton puts it, he does all the bad things he promised and doesn’t do the good things he promised.  Mainstream.

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Alex classifies himself as a voluntary capitalist.  He has worked in finance since graduating University of Chicago in 2016.  While his blog may be named after the Chicago School of Economic’s concept of equilibrium, the focus of the blog is peace and Austrian Economics.  He writes for fun and to spread the word about peace and prosperity.