The Risk/Reward Tradeoff of Technology

The paradox of technology presenting a more rewarding life but also a life of more risk is a reminder to us all to stay vigilant with regard to those who can wield the power of these tools against us.  It is more important now than it ever has been that we remove the state from the mechanisms of control.  Should we be successful, the life we all can have will be immensely rewarding.

The Voluntarist Messaging Problem

Why do we voluntarists struggle to convince people of the fruits of our vision?  Why do people look at us as crazy when we say we don’t need a government to do anything?  Is it because kids have been indoctrinated in government schools for generations?  Perhaps, but I don’t think this is the majority or even a large minority of the cause.

Self Regulation Should be a Higher Value

Another topic I have been thinking about recently however is, protesters are demanding the likes of Apple and Facebook make their products and services less enjoyable/provide less value.  These protesters claim that Apple holds them captive or Facebook is too addictive and hurting social cohesion.  I don’t disagree with this view but I don’t see this as a reason we need to protest.

Putin’s Plan for America II

It took roughly 24 hours for panic to spread through the newspapers and talk radio all over America. The Pentagon is already using this propaganda as a reason for “expanded U.S. missile defense policy that would address certain threats from Russia and China, departing from a previous strategy that focused nearly exclusively on rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran.”