Twenty-Five Years

Nobody asked but …

The next time you want to make a generalization about a person or people, think again.  Today in my philosophy group (a voluntary group, btw), I posed the following question:

If your doctor told you today, there is a new advancement that makes it possible for me to extend your life expectancy by 25 years — for a reasonable price — all I need is your OK.  What would you say?

The most interesting development is that I didn’t get a “yes” or a “no,” instead I got multiple questions and contributions from everybody in the room.  The most salient ideas were related to quality of life, conditions of aging, things we could do now to extend our lives significantly, reincarnation, survival, environment, overcrowding, where do we live — past, present, or future, etc.  We never got to “yes” or “no,” either as a consensus or for individuals.

Doesn’t it seem that there would be a quick, simple answer?  Don’t let anyone tell you that humans are not complex.

— Kilgore Forelle

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