Three Ways to Become Your Best Self

We see them everywhere. Those people who relentlessly devote their lives to help the poor. They travel to the opposite side of the globe to spend time reaching out to deprived communities. They build schools, provide shelter, give out food, and build potable water sources to help these communities have access to the basic needs they are unable to meet by themselves. Others, commit to their lives to protecting the animals or preserving the environment. All these people are making a difference to the world. Their reach may be limited but the impact their small help makes is huge. And the influence they have is unmistakably real.

Although there is no exact definition as to what being your best self means, it can be agreed upon that it means being able to tap into your potentials and use them to a maximum to make a difference to the world around you. Being your best self is not exclusively about improving your life for yourself only, but instead, of learning how to live a life that touches the lives of other human beings or to the world around us. It also means finding meaning and purpose in your life.

When you watch those individuals who make various differences to this world we live in, you would normally find yourself asking if you are making a difference yourself. Or are you drowning in your work and busy lifestyle, you have no time to look around you. If you often ask yourself what you can do to be the best, here are three ways:

Identify strengths and weaknesses

In television dramas and novels, it can often observed that the “just be yourself” advice is being casually thrown as if being like it can actually solve any problem or make bad situations turn splendid. “Just being yourself”, however, can actually become a hindrance to pursuing your goal to be your best. We are imperfect individuals and we do have qualities that are downright negative. All of us do. And if we just let ourselves be ourselves, it might not take us anywhere.

Identify what your strengths are and how you can make use of them to drive yourself towards your goal. Identifying your weaknesses are is also just as important. If you face them instead of just plainly accepting them as a fact of life, you will find that weaknesses can be tools of advantage for you. A mentor can help you identify these qualities with you. Additionally, no negative qualities are too deeply woven into our system to defeat, even when you believe it runs in the family.

Generosity and compassion

Being able to extend a hand to others means you have to be compassionate, and generous enough to share what you have with them. Generosity is not quantified only with material things. You can be generous with your time – taking a chunk of it to listen to a friend going through an ordeal with cancer, or with your effort – spending some time to help out in preparing a meal for abandoned and orphaned children. You do not just give a part of yourself when you are generous and compassion. It also gives you a sense of purpose in life, and helps you to actually think beyond your personal needs.


Being passionate in what you are doing will help you get through and overcome challenges that are sure to come your way. The journey to being your best self is not easy and you may be plagued with doubts, fears, and frustrations along the way. But having passion and loving what you are doing is like planting a seed of determination in your heart that will eventually help you find your way back to where you should be.

You may not be able to be like those altruistic individuals featured on televisions that have given up “normal” lives to serve and protect others. But in your own little world, you can be your best self with just the littlest acts of kindness you can shower at wherever your feet have taken you. So go ahead. Make a difference and you might be surprised at the impact it will make in your life as well.

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