Things I Do

Nobody asked but …
Friends and I meet monthly, and we call ourselves, informally, the logic group.  The inevitable question came up but what do you do about it? I begin to make a mental list of things I do:
  • I continue to parent my two daughters, although they both near their mid-century.  I am still their father.  They hold special places in my heart.
  • I grandparent my eight grandchildren.  The oldest will be thirty soon.  It’s more easy to do.  Not being forced to parent makes our relationships voluntary, and I stress voluntary ideas with them.
  • I have two great-grandchildren.  I am still trying to understand this relationship.
  • I live on a farm with 10 rescued animals, two horses, four dogs, and four cats.
  • I blog and write columns at
  • I author and maintain a Facebook group, “Another 2000+ Libertarian Quotes.”
  • I facilitate a Facebook page, Libertarian Podcast Exchange.
  • I am a voluntary participant in a study on aging at the local university.
  • I hold learning sessions on critical thinking and computer literacy.
  • I organize a group of people who discuss philosophy once a week.
  • I read.
  • I study.
  • I am a voluntaryist.
  • I am an individualist.
  • I am the only me in the multiverse.
 — Kilgore Forelle
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