The Rabbit Hole

Writes Free Your Kids:

‎…And suddenly, without warning, your eyes become opened, your brain un-muddles, you realize what you’ve been taught is a farce and a sham. A babe need not be born at a hospital? Or placed in a cage at night? This child needs only warm milk from her mother and unceasing love? You start to question other things. The picture clouds. Things are not as they appear. Your brain struggles to process this new, conflicting information.

Maybe much of what we’ve been taught is absurd? Maybe those making decisions on our behalf hold ulterior motives? You dig deeper.

Maybe schooling is not about learning but about controlling? Maybe the food we eat is making us sick? Maybe our leaders are not acting in our interests? Maybe war doesn’t keep us safe? Maybe violence begets violence? Maybe the freedom they speak of isn’t freedom at all?

The more you learn the more you question. You wonder how deep the deception goes. You find yourself wanting to tell the others, but they scoff at your claims. They’re not yet ready. You grow frustrated. You feel alone. You almost wish you hadn’t started digging…

Yet, yet, you wonder how deep the rabbit-hole goes…

I am proud traveler of the rabbit-hole.


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Founder and editor of and, Skyler is a husband and unschooling father of three beautiful children. His writings include the column series “One Voluntaryist’s Perspective” and “One Improved Unit,” and blog series “Two Cents“. Skyler also wrote the books No Hitting! and Toward a Free Society, and edited the books Everything Voluntary and Unschooling Dads. You can hear Skyler chatting away on his podcasts, Everything Voluntary and Thinking & Doing.