The Most Important Minority

The individual.

You are the only minority that matters.

So am I.

You are a minority of one among 7 billion-plus individuals who are not you.

So am I.

Whatever your personal religious beliefs are, more people don’t share them than do. Even if you belong to the most popular religion on the planet, your fellow believers differ from each other in ways you don’t even realize you differ.

Whatever your specific form of political beliefs, you are outnumbered by people who have a different take on how humans ought to interact.

Even if you are a statist, most people prefer a different flavor of statism than the specific form you favor. And if you actually believe whole-heartedly in individual Rightful Liberty, you are greatly outnumbered by those who’ll find any excuse to weasel their way to justifying your violation.

Many more people have a different set of physical characteristics than your specific set – height, weight, body type, skin melanin content, hair color, eye color and shape, nose size and shape, whatever. You are a minority in everything that makes you you.

This is why you – and I – are the only minority that truly matters.

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