The Informant

Nobody asked but …

Please see this movie — The Informant.  If for nothing else, see it to be amazed by Matt Damon.  See it to be spellbound by Scott Bakula.  Watch this movie, and revel in the fact that individualism so rules the world that all the governments in history cannot change it.  Understand how absolutely powerless institutions like corporations and governments are against the kaleidoscope of human events.  If you ever harbored the smallest idea that government could curb even the smallest ebb of nature, lose that idea while this tsunami of a cinema washes over you.  I am amazed at the restraint with which this piece of work was received, but there is an avalanche of movies nowadays, there is the wild volcanic disruption of cable news, reality teevee, and Roman sports spectacle.  There is every way known to mankind’s history to numb the mind.  But, put on your best voluntaryist thinking cap and give this 5-year-old movie a reprise.  Watch it as many times as it takes for its complexities to emerge.


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