The Contradiction of Collectivist-Anarchy

Writes buffalo-samurai:

It should probably be stated that every sensible man has in their heart the ultimate desire and wish for a condition of infinite abundance with peaceful harmony for their fellow man. It is my personal belief that the cause of all discord among men is the belief in how this situation can be achieved or a belief that this condition can only be achieved at the expense of one’s fellow man.

There is a taxonomy of political belief beginning with those who embrace the monopolization of violence (the initiation of force) by the state and those who do not. The taxonomic label shall be between that of Statists and Anarchist. There exist as many subdivisions and factions within each family of thought as exists in the great families of species in nature.

There is however a large segment of anarchists who believe that the individual lacks property rights and thus call for a plurality of people to collectively commit violence against the individual. Since collective violence against the individual is a description of the state it is important to address this camp, albeit against their protests and objection, as statists.

It is my diagnosis that communists and other Marxists-based camps of the anarchist movement are in fact statists in ultimate disguise. The ultimate fact is that one must embrace voluntary association and voluntary trade and cooperation in order to earn the moniker of Anarchist.

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