So, You Don’t Want a Gun

Here’s a shocker: If you don’t want a gun, I don’t want you to have one. Why would I encourage you to carry something you don’t want, and may not want to learn to handle safely? That doesn’t help anyone.

If the reason you don’t want a gun is based on lies told by anti-gun bigots, I will probably try to set you straight, but if you still don’t want a gun after being shown the truth, that’s fine with me. Go in peace.

But don’t imagine that you not wanting a gun in any way obligates me to not have one. It doesn’t.

My gun will never be used to harm you unless you attack me (or someone else) or make a credible threat to do so. In other words, if you don’t want me to shoot you, don’t archate. Funny thing, though– I see the advocacy of government violence against gun owners (you might call it “common sense gun laws“) as a threat. It might rise to the level of a credible threat to attack me if you’re not careful.

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