Sneaky Lying Cheaters Who Archate

The person I know who is the most concerned with whether other people are being sneaky, and sees (and condemns) sneakiness in everyone, is also the sneakiest person I’ve ever met.

This is a pattern I’ve noticed in many things.

The person who hates cheating the most is probably the biggest cheater.

The person who believes everyone else is lying is probably a liar.

So, recognizing this in others makes me examine myself more closely.

I don’t like archation in others. Does this mean I am prone to archate?

I know I have the capacity. I’ve done it more times than I want to admit. I do believe I am getting better at not doing so. When I feel the urge to archate, I notice and stop myself– in almost every case. Sometimes, I notice after it has already happened, and then I am ashamed of myself. If I can, I apologize.

I know I am capable of being a monster, and life is a constant struggle to not act it out. I suspect that is just part of being human.

If I do archate, I want people to call me on it. Unlike the sneak, the cheater, and the liar, I am willing to face my flaws. That doesn’t mean it’s not uncomfortable, or that I will take it well when it is pointed out. But I try. I want to be better than I am.

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