Sick, Sick People

A couple of days ago, I let the b$%*#rds “get to me”. Not a shining moment.

No, I didn’t really get nasty with them, but my face got hot with rage and I was shaking. I should have taken that as a clue to just walk away.

On a local FB page, someone had posted a meme begging people not to publicize upcoming police “checkpoints”, saying something like “what if someone’s child dies because you helped a drunk avoid the checkpoint?”

I stated that I would rather risk a few drunk drivers than armed highwaymen shaking down travelers for their “papers”. You and I both know “drunk driving” is just the excuse used because the Blue Line Gang knows people are cowardly and will accept the molestation for “safety”. The copsuckers (yes, and I use that word in the most negative way possible) on the page are apparently still ignorant of that fact.

I didn’t appreciate the replies directed at me.

I censored myself when I replied, and let it be known I was censoring myself because I knew they were speaking from a position of ignorance over what I’ve been through. But I told them that you can justify any police state tactics with “what ifs” and “safety”, and that, if they like having armed goons shaking down travelers for their “papers” so much, perhaps they’d be happier in North Korea, where I hear liberty isn’t very popular, but at least the people are “safe”.

And then I left the group.

There are some good people in the group, but the copsuckers make it not worth the trouble. Those people foul spacetime with what passes for thought in their tiny minds. I don’t know why I am still amazed at what copsuckers will accept if their Blue Gods tell them it’s for their own good, but I am. However, I need to cut the worst of them from my life, for my own health.

To be quite honest, I see zero ethical difference between defending and supporting cops and defending and supporting child molesters or actual, swastika-wearing Nazis. No, I’m not saying all cops are child molesters or Nazis, I am saying cops are as ethically indefensible as those groups. To me. That is what I see when I see a cop, and when I see people defending them, I see people trying to defend the indefensible. Siding with the bad guys.

I’ll stick with the cat groups on FB. They are better for me.

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