“Self-Authentic” Is Not a Synonym for “Self-Deprecating”

It’s human to vent about the troublesome things.

It’s also human to carry yourself with a sense of passion, pride, and personal power.

It’s human to be vulnerable.

It’s also human to dig deep and find a way to survive when your back is against the wall.

It’s human to “keep it real” and “be transparent” about things like anger, sadness, frustration, heartbreak, and failure.

It’s also human to “keep it real” and “be transparent” when it comes to counting your blessings, keeping your head up, and affirming things that are worth fighting for.

Suppressing your negative thoughts and feelings isn’t the only way to be fake.

If the human spirit is essentially creative, then nothing is more artificial than a life lived without airing out a little gratitude for our ability to rise above the odds and make the impossible happen.

It takes honesty to be frank about your obstacles. It takes the same to be frank about your opportunities. Keep on keeping it real, but don’t let your obstacles monopolize your concept of self-authenticity.

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TK Coleman is the Education Director for Praxis. He has coached dozens of young people and top performers from all stages of life. He’s the author of hundreds of articles and is a frequent speaker on education, entrepreneurship, freedom, personal growth, and creativity. TK is a relentless learner, has been involved in numerous startups, and has professional experience ranging from the entertainment to financial services industries and academia. Above all else, TK is on a mission to help people embrace their own power and expand their own possibilities.