Run All You Want

Telling kids “Don’t run!” is a waste of breath, and causes frustration for everyone.

I understand the reasons for it, but I also see that it is completely pointless, and probably counter-productive.

Running is how kids naturally and normally move from place to place. It just is. You aren’t going to change that with rules. Nor should you.

Instead, let them run. In the process, maybe they’ll learn to watch where they are going and how to not fall. Or learn how to fall well, and bounce back up. There will be bumps and bruises, and maybe knocked-out teeth and concussions. The alternative is probably worse in the long run.

It’s the same with adults. Let them take risks, make mistakes, and fail. How else will they ever learn? The State and all it’s “laws”– imposing someone’s ideas about “safety”– are making people pitiful, delicate, and inept. It’s going to hurt when that band-aid gets ripped off… and it WILL get ripped off sooner or later. The longer the delay, the more it will hurt, and the more who will not survive.

Yet, this is someone’s idea of “safety”? You aren’t protecting. You aren’t helping.

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