Your Responsibility to Not Archate

“Conservatives” are lukewarm about rights. They love the ones they love, and mock the ones they don’t.

They get very excited about (your) responsibilities, but manage to gloss over or ignore one of the biggest responsibilities there is: the responsibility to not archate.

That is, the responsibility to not violate the rights— the life, liberty, and property– of others, even those rights you don’t like.

Yes, that is a human responsibility that can’t be eliminated, no matter how unhappy it makes you.

This trips them up every time. It’s a good way to distinguish between libertarians and the “conservatives” who like to make liberty noises as long as things are going their way.

There are other responsibilities, of course. Some of which I don’t particularly enjoy. But really, if you gloss over the responsibility to respect the rights of other people, you’re not going to be a good person even if you live up to every other responsibility you have.

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