Respect for the Law

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If you have any–that is, respect for the law–you ought to reconsider. We are controlled, after all, by psychology, and the “law” is a key player in the ploy.

There is a division of the company called the State that writes down, solemnly, the desires of the company, and calls the finished product The Law. We are supposed to take this law very seriously, indeed, as seriously as a prior age took the Deity; and never, never, take it into our own hands, meaning, I guess, to interpret it ourselves, or disregard it if it seems foolish or harmful. However, since the authors of the law claim to represent us, and act in and for our behalf, we would seem to be exactly the people to take the law into our hands, examine it, and give it whatever respect it deserves.

If the Rulers decide they want our money, they ask their legislative division to write down that desire in formal, rather stilted and often confusing, language. A new law! The sad fact is that the victims of this law not only hand over “their” money to the Rulers, but dispense harsh criticism upon any of their peers who attempt to resist this predation. Being “law-abiding” is thought by some to be akin to virtue, although abiding by the law simply means abiding by the wishes of the Rulers. The slaves on the plantation were “law-abiding.”
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