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In an earlier post, I may have come across as a bit peevish about Stefan Molyneux.  Let me hasten to put that into context.  I am in disagreement, specifically, with Stefan’s treatment of the events in Ferguson, Missouri.  If time permits in the future, I may tell you why.  But here’s the deal — why do people believe that it is in their personal interests to condemn others, such as Stefan Molyneux or Ayn Rand?  They both are copious founts of ideas, principles, points of view, etc.  Ayn Rand was not the world’s greatest novelist (see Cervantes, Tolstoy, and/or Robert Penn Warren, for my best recommendations), but she was, and remains, the source of major philosophical exercises.  The same applies to Molyneux.  I have never seen messages from either saying that subordinate thinking was mandatory.  It is certainly your call as to whether you will shut out areas of human creativity, but I urge you to determine that through knowledge gathering, not impatience.


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