“Refugees,” “Immigration,” and “Borders”

Government importation of people for any reason is NOTimmigration.” I oppose this as strongly as I oppose government control (rationing) of “immigration” and “securing the borders.”

Neither are remotely “libertarian.” Neither are ethical. Neither will accomplish anything good.

Both lead to a bigger, more intrusive and powerful State. It can’t be any other way. Supporting either is supporting this bigger, more intrusive and powerful State. For “pragmatic” reasons, I suppose.

It’s not that I support “open borders”; it’s that I recognize no borders other than private property lines–all other “borders” violate private property. Government’s “borders” are a violation of YOUR private property and right of association, as is government’s plan to import “refugees” or anyone else.

Government screws up anything it gets involved in, and I don’t support anything it does. Don’t help it by begging for it to do anything on your behalf. It won’t go anything like you imagine.

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