Re: Treated Like Shit

Nobody asked but …

What shall we do about treating children like shit?  First we must understand that they are not in some class different from adults, then we can do to others as we would voluntarily wish that they would do to us.  Secondly, we need to understand all of the ways in which we treat children like shit.

  • Make them either dead or living collateral damage of wars and violence.
  • We burden their creative hours with tripe like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
  • We deaden their learning faculties with cartoons full of violence.
  • We destroy their motor capabilities with mindless games.
  • We put them in minimum security day prisons where they are bombarded with indoctrination and dumbed down fantasies that misrepresent life.
  • Then we dub them adults prepped only with heads full of mush

Any kind of thoughtful review of this list reveals that we treat all others, “child” or “adult,” enemies and allies, ourselves, in the same way whenever we can.  Educate yourself.  Tom Woods said we get through formal dyseducation without even knowing who Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Bastiat are.  I was 61 years old before I had heard, much less studied, these great humans.  The job is not just to treat children better, it is to start with the neglected child in yourself to correct the shitty treatment.  It is never too late, but it is long overdue.


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