Re: The Purpose of Life

Nobody asked but …

Here’s a nod for happiness being the purpose of life.  I have been happy all my life.  On my favorite podcasts, the hosts always ask the guests something like when did you first become a voluntaryist/libertarian/anarchist?  My answer would be never, since I have always been one.  And by the same token, I have always been happy.  I can’t extricate the first from the second.  Reading your post, Skyler, I had the idea for the first time, of the connectedness.  Everyone has a choice to be either fundamentally happy or fundamentally sad.  It puts me in mind of Pascal’s Wager.  If you can see that you have the choice,  then how could you choose the sad.  I don’t believe that a voluntaryist could choose the sad.  I volunteer to be a happy person who is permanently happy with some temporary periods of sadness.  One cannot volunteer to be permanently sad — that is a surrender.


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